Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bouts and runs!

Ran a bit yesterday, then off to the bout!

It went so incredibly well. It was absolutely my best skating, best penalty calling, best everything! The learning curve has been steep and a hard climb but we are really getting it!

It was sooo cool too when they introduced the refs and they said my name.... a whole bunch of people cheered!! Yep pretty much that was the best part of my night! Fans and friends are the best part of derby for sure!

I pack reffed one bout, which by the way was my first pack reffing in a bout. Actually I've only pack reffed 2 scrimmages prior so it was a challenge! I've decided I really really like it though! Then I jam reffed the second.

Oh by the way my new wheels, Poisons, were freaking awesome. They have a little drag so I had to work just a smidge harder, but boy are they worth it! I stuck like glue and felt soo much faster for it. Feeling in control is a really good feeling.

Thank you to everyone who came out! And next bout is the championships so come see us! I won't be working afterwards so I'll get to say hi to everyone afterwards!

Ran 3 miles yesterday
Skated 3 hours last night
Ran 3 miles today!

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