Friday, May 4, 2012

May challenge week 1!

Yeah I finished week 1!
5 miles or a bit more 5 days of the week.
I hit the pavement or treadmill Mon-Fri and made at least 5 miles if not a bit more.

They definitely get slower towards the end of the week. Today's was pretty slow. And sore. And tired.
Anyways, I did it though. Funny thing is I wasn't working very hard on the last run, but it was really hard. Cardiovascularly it was not a challenge, I didn't push hard, but it was still such a challenge to do. My feet and pretty much my entire lower legs are exhausted.

Two days off are going to feel great! Well except for the game I'm skating in tomorrow. Details.

Oh and to make next week more interesting I though I would start adding in the key workouts; hills, tempo and the long easy. And with 2 recovery runs, read short and slow.

I'm thinking the long easy would add on 1 to 2 miles to start and see how long I can get them by month end.

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