Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The worst and the best

Monday was my long run day. The hubs was at home with the kids, I wasn't totally wiped from work, la la la. Well it ended up the worst 9 miles of my life. I got the most awful side ache. It started at about mile 2, and it was so severe I actually had to stop completely.

I ran and walked trying to work around it. Which wasn't working. Finally I got it to a point where it hurt but I could keep running. And it was hot. I ran too late in the day and the heat (only about 75-80) combined with the side ache made the whole run miserable. I probably walked at least half a mile of the whole thing. So freakin lame.

Side aches really bug me. Each time I get them I think that maybe this it. I'll get a side ache every run and my running career will be over. I know it sounds a little ridiculous, but when they seem to come on for no rhyme or reason it's hard to be rational. Fortunately there were some clues that indicated this would not be the case.

On Sunday I started adding in weights. I didn't do very much, but I did a smidge of weighted ab exercises. And the rest of Monday and most of Tuesday the ache continued to hurt. Side aches don't do that. Side aches are crampy little bitches that make you stop running, not twingy muscle pain that lasts for days. So the verdict is, I strained my ab muscle. Lame, but ok!

I took a day off, which was remarkably frustrating, and tried again today. I was very nervous and almost bagged the whole run. But... It was absolutely awesome! No pain. Yeah! And I was sooo much faster than I have been!

Me and my girl took off in the jogging stroller, which strangely I've come to love more than running solo, and made great time. I felt so strong and so much fast than I have been.

Yeah running!

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