Monday, November 29, 2010

Good Gravy!

So I got tired of maintaining the double blog and I figured my derby readers should have some more veggie cooking in their lives and my veggies readers totally need derby in theirs!

Today's low calorie, high veggie, super filling meal is Gravy on veggies. When I first started eating better to trim down I noticed I was super tired all the time. I was eating low carb and while it is certainly effective, it can have some side effects with your skating.

I found though if I increase the total quantity of what I eat, ie more veggies and tofu or whatever protein source floats your boat, my energy level goes back to normal, without a significant increase in calories.

Anyways. I love gravy. Could drink it! I made a big vat of the stuff and heat it up and pour on whichever veggies are knocking around the fridge.

Mushroom gravy:
3 giant carrots
15 large mushrooms
1 large onion
6 cloves garlic
2-4 heaping spoons of veggie broth powder
1 tablespoon of cornstarch

Chop all the veg into small pea sized peas and saute in a little water until soft. Add the remaining ingredients and add water until you have a good soup sized quantity of gravy. Stir and let it bubble until it thickens. We're talking a big soup pot of gravy, it's thick, full of veggies and good on everything. Per cup it is about 50 calories so sauce it up!

In the mean time steam some favorite veggies, I did broccoli, and place on top of a big bowl of baby spinach. Pour gravy over the top and let the spinach wilt a bit. I topped it all with some fresh tomatoes and a little nooch (nutritional yeast).

Basically I treat the gravy a bit like stroganoff sauce but instead of ladeling it over a starch and calorie filled base like noodles or rice, which you could certainly do if you weren't watch the old bottom line so to speak, I put it over spinach or cabbage.

Spinach is great because you don't need to cook it. Cabbage you may want to steam a little, though if you slice it very thin, it should have just a little crunch to it and be slightly cooked by the heat.

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