Wednesday, November 10, 2010

One Hundred Entries and One Banked Bout!

SO!!!! I haven't posted in a while. I haven't lost my love for derby or for blogging. Just there has been a lot of some stuff and not so much of others.

To catch you up on "How the Wheels Turn" this has been the past several months.

We have a large ref group. Larger than what most leagues have. Larger than what most small businesses have. So it got a little chaotic trying to stay organized, utilized and on track.
We voted on a management structure, appointed positions and started getting shit done. Yeah us!

I am now the interim secretary to the Director, also know as Chief of Stuff. I basically listen to the director, give my two cents, remind him of stuff to do, do stuff, organize stuff and try to be helpful. I am also the Rules Training Coordinator. This means that I teach rules, get other people to teach rules, teach positions, get other people to teach positions, make sure it's all written down and in a timely manner.

About the track. Well we have one. It's big, really big. It's in our warehouse. I've skated on it twice now. We finished on Saturday night at 7pm so we've had all of four days on it.

It's kind of freaky to skate on a banked surface, but also not really freaky at the same time.

Oh by the way did I mention the bout? Yeah. We're having our first on a banked track, roller derby bout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On December 4th, Saturday, doors open at 5pm.

I'll be an Outside Pack Ref. Which means I won't be skating. Which I am just fine with for my first bout!

Oh and today I went to open skate. Cavina showed me how to start side surfing. I did like 2 laps with 2-3 second side surf touches, which is freaking awesome!

I'll be posting more and more photos soon, now that derby has, as they say, started rolling again.

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