Monday, November 29, 2010

Cabbage and cheese

One of my favorite foods has always been noodles with parmesan.
Well I'm trying to cut down on calories and obviously eating vegan so change of menu.

So instead I do steamed cabbage strips, to be noodle-esk, sprinkled with a little daiya, or vegan parm, and a little soy butter with nutritional yeast. It was sooo good!


  1. I buy plain canned non marinated artichoke hearts, chop and dress them like I would a pasta salad (seasonings and vinagar only) I'll add tomatoes sometimes, and eat it like a pasta salad.

  2. I love the artichoke hearts! Good idea to use them like that. I never buy them cause the marinated ones, which are soo good, are to oily. I never thought of the un-marinated ones. durr!