Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What I've been doing

I actually had a request from a league mate to give more details on how I am eating and how it's made such a difference.

So here is the basic rules:

1. Eat an F-load of veggies, at least a pound of fresh veg and a pound of cooked.
2. Eat like a cup of super duper lean protein source, ie beans, meat analogs, chicken, ect
3. Eat a cup or less of starchy stuff, ie potato, rice, bread or pasta
4. Don't use oil in cooking. If you are going to saute, just use some water. Save the oil for when you can actually taste it like avocados, or nuts and use these super sparingly. Like a tablespoon of nuts.
5. Use vinegars, salsas, and spices to season your food. Salty stuff is ok as long as it's oil free.
6. Eat up to 4 servings of fruit. A good sized apple is 2 servings.
7. Drink an F-load of water.
8. Take a multivitamin.
9. Do at least a little exercise.

This makes it so I can eat and stuff myself daily if I want. On days where I am good I eat more normal sized portions, but I am a chow hound so I usually eat til I'm stuffed.

I can be super lazy too. I try to get out and skate or walk but sometimes it doesn't happen. Fortunately I can be lazy and the diet still works.

I try to do the following daily exercises though that keep up muscle strength.

Do 8 reps of the following series:
25 situp/crunches
25 back ups/super mans (like a situp, but on your stomach to work back muscles)
12 Push ups (do these on your toes, if you only lower yourself an inch that's fine, you'll improve)
25 Squats
25 lunges each leg

You can spread these out through the day if you want. And if you can't do them all, just start with one rep and increase as you are able.

This works all the important muscles for derby and you can do everything with just a towel or yoga mat.


  1. You look amazing!!! Go on with your bad self!

  2. Ooo Thanks for posting this! You do look amazing! I found that *any* diet will work if you can stick to it. It's the sticking part that is mentally hard. Until it happens! I'm reading up on diets and want to start one soon, I'm lazy so that makes starting/changing habits hard.

  3. This one only works if you really really like veggies and I really really like veggies. Even as a kid I would go for broccoli with cheese or tomatoes with dressing than anything else.