Monday, November 29, 2010

Ghetto Mash

Yeah I had mushrooms and broccoli that needed to be eaten. And I am a big fan of ghetto mash.
So take out the food processor and shred like mad:

2 pounds mushrooms
1.5 large onions
1 bulb peeled garlic
3 carrots
6 cups broccoli florets

Dump it in a gigundo frying pan and saute over med high heat. No oil needed with the amount of moisture, but you can add water if you need to.

When it's cooked down and everything tender, add a little soy sauce. It should be kind of soupy at this point. So here is where I add a couple of tablespoons of gravy mix. Stir it up and let it thicken. Kind of like super chunky gravy!

At this point you could stuff peppers with it and bake em. Dump it over rice or noodles. I dumped a ton over baby spinach and a couple of chopped tomatoes.
In my huge salad bowl serving which I couldn't actually finish was probably 200 calories of chunky salty goodness. Ohhh yeah. It wasn't pretty, but tasted real good.

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