Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving this year

I talked to my mom last night about Thanksgiving.

In years previous when I was vegan, my family was always less than supportive. They tend towards the macho "let's kill something and then eat it"mentality. But eating good food always trumped the macho attitude so often if it tasted good, they would just go with it, vegan or not.

My mom would every once in a while sneak in the supportive vibes by serving the tofurkey I brought or swapping dairy products for non dairy.

Things have been running a little slim in terms of family these days. One of my brothers lives out of the country. One brother lives in Chicago. Dad died a few years ago. So it's just me, my mother and brother with his two girls.

This year we're having a small get together at my mother's apartment. She'll cook her food and I'll cook mine. It used to be a source of contention when I would cook vegan food. But now they seem to all like it. Mostly, I think, because they are all over 40 and don't have the metabolism to eat a 5000 calorie meal.

Funny how so much of that bravado goes out the door when you get old and fat.

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