Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Getting Serious

So I had a real long hiatus with all the organizing and track work.

I used this time to do the crazy lazy ninja diet. Which worked really well in terms of losing the gut, but did little for my strength and endurance. But honestly, building up muscles is a cake walk in comparison to losing 2 children's worth of weight.

Anyways I've been waiting to get to near the end of my shrinking journey to start back up serious working out, cause let's face it, losing weight is hard enough as it is. That and I am a lazy fuck sometimes.

But once I get back on the work out bandwagon things tend to go pretty quickly. I've been pretty fit in my life, while always packing a bit extra, and tend to shape up easily.

This week, after starting up part time work (yeah!), I was able to rejoin the gym. This is extremely important for me as the fact that they have 90 minutes of free daycare is pretty much the only way I get to work out often.

So I'm definitely a bit out of shape, but not that bad. I did weights the first day and they were hard. I didn't push quite as hard as I could, but whatever.

It was the next day that things started to pick up. I did a cardio day, and while my lungs hurt from the exertion, my muscles had no problem with it. This is cool because the lung thing only lasts a week or so.

And today I did a heavy weights day. I've been reading a vegan body builders website and the tips for muscle building are really great. Basically you push as hard as you can, every time. And do 4-5 reps instead of 2-3.

What I found was that the first rep was really hard. Then after 20 sec or so of rest the next two reps were easier. Then the 4th was usually the most I could do. I did 4 on almost all of them, and 3 on a few. I'm a lot stronger than I thought I would be.

And everything is a lot easier when you're carrying 80 less pounds.

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