Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The big day!

It happened! We had our bout!

So we played in the Everett Comcast Arena. Which we only took up half the stands, but we filled them up pretty well.

It was an amazing day for our league. There has been a huge amount of work to get us to where we're at. We raised money to build a track and rent a warehouse. We rehabbed the warehouse and then started building.

In a little more than two years we made it to our first real banked bout and played like champs!

My ref crew worked extremely well together and even with a little bit of nerves we pulled it off.

I got to back up the Head Ref by taking care of rules questions. We had a ton of penalty challenges and I think I did very well answering and interpreting rules. It was actually my favorite part of the game!

The game ran, the teams rocked it and suddenly it was over. We did it and did it well.

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