Monday, February 14, 2011

Trip up

So yesterday I was recuperating from the stomach flu. I ran great on Saturday, went to work and about 8 hours into my shift starting feeling sick, like puke sick.

I came home a little before midnight and spent the next 8 hours in terrible pain from cramping stomach to horrible body aches. I sweated the bed soaking wet and finally feel asleep after calling in to work.

The next 24 hours I spent sleeping, feeling nauseated and exhausted. By midnight Sunday I was back to normal though still tired. Obviously I didn't run and it was hard. I wanted to. I kept thinking maybe I felt well enough to run and though go to work a little late. But it never happened.

I think one of the reasons I like streak running is that if I do it every day I don't have to worry about "falling off the wagon". I get really freaked out about losing momentum, not exercising and gaining weight again. It's hard to have faith that I'll get up the next day and go to the gym, like any other day and probably even feel better about it.

So today, fully recovered, I went to the gym, had a great workout and went on with life.

ran 2 miles in 21 minutes, 2.5 total. So I ran a good portion of it at 6.5 which is a new level for me!
400 back/sit ups
100 push ups, monster walks
10 minutes planks

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