Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Couple of things today! I officially registered for my first race! It's a fun run thingy called the St Patrick's Day Dash. It's about 4 miles, which is technically farther than I've ever run in one go, half uphill and half downhill. Err. I'm in the slow group, joggers and walkers.

Oh and I'll be running it at 8:50am after working until 2am the night before. Yeah it should be slightly sucky, but exciting right?

Tonight we're having a ref potluck dinner at my house. And of course today is the day my daughter decided to put toilet paper down the sink in the only bathroom and plugging it up. Yeah.

Tried hills again today. Well... made it through 2 hills. Oh well.

Ran 2 miles, 2.5 total
400 each back/sit ups
100 push ups
100 monster walks
10 min planks

By the way I've been running daily for 6 weeks now. I sometimes go as far as 3 miles. I always do at least 2 miles. They've gotten easier, but it's still tough. My knees, ankles, legs in general no longer have random or concerning pains. But it's still hard. I still want to stop when I get to 2 miles. Except for the random days when I go 3 and it feels great. It get's easier right?


  1. Roller derby sounds so cool. Congrats on signing up for your race!
    Tell me about your 10 min planks. Do you do one continuously for 10 minutes? Multiples for 10 minutes? I need details? How about your push ups? All at one time or multiple sets? I'm just curious. You are one tough gal!

  2. Roller derby is awesome! So the planks are in 1 and 2 minute intervals. I hope to do them continuously as some point, but not yet! I do a rotation of one traditional plank (on both forearms and toes) then a side plank on each side. I time each at one minute then move into the next one. Then repeat for a total of 6 minutes, then the back planks for another 4 minutes. I use a foam roller and place it right below my neck at the top of my spine. I hold a straight plank with my feet together, facing up for 2 minutes, then bridged (pushing my hips as high as i can go)for 2 minutes. Those are easier and are awesome for hip and bootie strength! Roller skating requires a lot of hip strength to avoid I.T. band and knee issues. Push ups are still pretty weenie, i do them on my toes like a normal pushup, but I still can't go all the way down, and as i get past 50 they get shallower and shallower! I usually set a basic number of what I want to do and try to improve the quality and form of the exercise as i get stronger. I usually set them in between stretches in sets of 30. Since i started doing all the core work the difference i feel in my back is amazing and it gives you awesome muscle definition. I notice a huge difference in my running and skating too.

  3. Awesome! Thanks! I love planks, especially side planks. And I do the bridge just never tried the back plank with my foam roller! Great tips. I used to have IT band issues so all the hip stuff is real important to me. I love to read about your roller derby. The only real exposure I've had to it is from that movie with Drew Barrymore. So you'll have to say if it's really like that or not.

  4. Yeah the derby shown in the movie is not very accurate. The actual sport is very professional like most sports. It's so much fun, great exercise and a blast to watch!