Wednesday, February 16, 2011

tread lightly

One of the best crossovers from skating to running and back is the light stepping. In skating you want to take lots of quick steps, moving from one foot to the other to keep you more stable and able to take a hit or stumble.

The same seems to be fairly true for running. The whole 180 steps per minute thing seems to keep you lighter on your feet and stops you from over striding. But it also keeps you more stable on your feet and prepared to deal with whatever the road throws. Both activities seem to cross train each well.

Anyways. Good day.

Ran 2 miles at 6 mph. 2.5 total
full body weights
400 each back/sit ups
100 push ups/monster walks
10 minutes planks

1 comment:

  1. It's great how sports carry over into others. I have noticed that from cycling I've learned how to turn my feet over quicker and I don't have to go to the beat of the music.