Friday, February 11, 2011


So my usual pattern of good eating and exercising is about 3 months long. I'm way over due for a lazy relapse so I'm trying to work around it.

I'm still doing my usual, but if I have a day where I'm not feeling it, it's ok if I don't get around to the whole workout. My goal is to always do a minimum on 1 mile running. That's it. If I get awful lazy I can eek out the minimum for months and still be ok.

I'm not feeling that un-enamored yet, but I don't want to burn out. So today i haven't done any core work, push ups or monsters. I may still do them. But I'm not worried about it.

Ran 2 miles, 2.5 total
Yeah added 8 minutes of planks. maybe more before bed!

Oh I'm stopping following a lot of the food pages I was following. I can't stay on a diet and read about food all day! Sorry guys, I love your posts, but they are hell on my appetite!

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