Monday, February 7, 2011

Month 2 great run!

Today did not go according to plan, or the plans were enough that I couldn't do my normal Monday thing.

Lunch with my mom and aunt. Then a meeting at work...... So no gym. It's ok though. I saw an old friend and we got on the topic of running. She said she had been at 3 miles for a couple of years, which would be just fine for me! Anyways, she said to take a break every few days and it'll help increase your miles.

So yesterday was a quick and easy 1 miler and then I walked another mile. Today in between lunch and the meeting I went out for a run and went much farther and easier than I thought. When I got back and mapped it, I had run a whole 3 miles! Yeah!

No core work today. Apparently my schedule is calling for other breaks as well.

Ran 3 miles!
That's it.

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