Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's good

So today's long run was slow and easy. As they should be. A little slower than I'd like, but until the hip is back to normal I'm not complaining.

It's weird how doing a run a mile or two longer than the last long run is so hard on my knees and legs. But the next time I do the same number of miles, it's no big deal. I don't really understand how my body is adjusting to the increased miles so easily, but I just kind of go with it.

I think part of it is the cross training, part is that I'm going pretty slow and mostly because while 10 miles is a long run for me, it really isn't getting into the world of long running that really kicks your ass.

My biggest goals really top out at about 15 miles. That's it. No marathon, no ultramarathon. Just a nice 2 hour-ish run.

Today's run was easy. Hip, calf and knee pain as usual, nothing major just the normal aches. No major huffing and puffing. Going up hills feels really good, way better than down hill. I never got tired the entire run

Next week I'm thinking I'll do that last lap and go for the full 13 miles.

Ran 10 miles slow at 5.5 pace.

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  1. Long runs are supposed to be slower. They build your endurance. The hills and speed work will make you faster and that will translate over to your long runs. But don't worry about them too much. I still can't believe how fast you adjust and how well you're doing! It's great!