Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rest day Race day

Tomorrow is a 5k! Top Pot Doughnut Dash! Run for doughnuts! Sounds good to me!

Today is a rest day, work last night and work tonight till 2am then up bright and early for the race!

So I've been having some trouble with my swim thing. I got a new suit, which should have helped, but it didn't. New clothes always make things better! But I just haven't been feeling it. I get really bored and I don't really want to get wet.

My plan is when I get bored with something, I just switch it up. Besides 50 minutes in the pool is hard for me to get a good workout in. I know I know. But there really is this thing that if you are not a very good swimmer it's harder to work harder. As I get better at swimming I'm hoping there will be less time spent swallowing water, snorting water and hanging out at the end of the pool.

The pool isn't going anywhere and I can get back on it in a week or so. In the mean time I'm kicking up the weights routine. Gym days I normally split the workout between 30 min weights and 50 min pool. And I think I'm short changing both by doing so.

The past week, when I haven't been sick. I've been doing the full 90 min with weights. Yeah you can seriously get trashed on 90 of weights. I do the machines, then free weights, squats with weights, lunges with weights, sit ups, core stuff, back ups, ect all with weights. And when I can't go any farther I do non-weighted sit ups to finish it off.

And I am so freakin sore it is ridiculous. I guess it's working. I can do 40 real pushups now. Actually I can probably do a lot more, but I ran out of time!

Oh and tomorrow's run, which is short and sweet, on sore as F legs. Should be interesting.

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  1. Donut dash sounds awesome! 90 minutes of weights is definitely a good workout! Good luck tomorrow!