Sunday, April 24, 2011

Double Header!

So last night we had our first official game of the season. We had previously had exposition bouts while we got the teams ready for play.

It finally all came together with 4 awesome teams and our wonderful ref crew.

About 6 weeks ago our skate trainer got it in his head that I should jam ref. I had my doubts, but now those are all gone. I also was selected by our director to Head Ref one of those bouts. To say the least I would need to bring my A game, be focused and be ready for some crazy shit.

And to top it all off there would be a reality show filming at the same time. On television too? No pressure though right?

The game came last night with remarkably few butterflies. I felt great! I have to say all my physical training over the last few months have paid off generously. I finally broke a slight sweat, but I think it may have been more flop sweat than from exertion!

My Head Reffing went great! I felt soo on point, checking my numbers, my refs, checking the count. Making sure skaters were on or off track. It's actually kind of fun to yell people off track. We had a few penalty challenges that we managed quickly and decidedly.

Having a good ref crew makes everything go so well, they know their shit, and when a challenge goes down, there is no question to what happened. I have a lot of confidence in their reffing. We still have a lot to learn, but we're doing really freaking well!

My inside crew was seamless. They know what to do and hearing them flow through their numbers and calls kept me very calm. They take no shit, and give no shit. They are so freaking awesome!

The second game I was jam ref and I feel like I did awesome! I skated well, felt very comfortable and in control. My penalties were well called and my points and jam call offs were great. It was a long long night and was everything I had hoped for!

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