Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easy 10

Once again the easy 10. I wanted to do 13 but really I didn't. I just wanted a good run, and to get back home to go have cake.
It's getting sooo much easier. No calf pain, no shin pain, no knee pain! I can feel my hip, but no pain. And I think my form is getting waaay better!

I watched "The gods must be crazy 2" the other night and watched the bushmen run. Total knees down and heels up. Effortless. One of the lines in the movie is where they find a shot elephant and one of the men says "If I run all day and all night I can tell So-and-So's family about the meat and they can come help us eat it". They run so freakin cute too. Just no big deal, moving along.

I thought about them a lot when I was running. Totally effortless. When I headed for the last 2 miles home my legs just all of sudden kicked into gear and I hauled ass home. It was awesome.

Ran 10.3 miles
1 hour 50 min

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