Sunday, April 3, 2011

Recovery socks

So yesterdays 11.5 miler was great, but it hit the knees and shins a little hard. No big surprise. But going to work and being on my feet for the next 10 hours may not have been the best idea. Well technically I didn't have a choice about the work thing.

By the end of the night my feet and knees felt stiffer and more swollen, like when you ride on a plane for too long. So now I'm thinking I may want to invest in compression socks. I've been reading about how great they are to run in and for post run recovery. If I'm going to work after a run, this may be the thing I need. And being that I work every weekend, that pretty much guarantees that I will working after a race.

When I got home I was so amazingly exhausted and crashed. This morning, rest day, I've laid around, stretched and pretty much been useless. And I'm surprised at how great my legs, knees and shins included, feel!


  1. Recovery socks are definitely worth the investment. And they are kind of a costly investment.
    Great job on your runs! You are rocking it!

  2. Thanks Jen! Hey do you know if the socks or sleeves are better? I'm afraid if I just did sleeves, my feet would swell. THough technically I haven't had that problem yet.