Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Month 2 kicking the IT bands

Ran outside today with the jogging stroller and only one kid in it. It is beautiful and sunny, though cold, and absolutely perfect! I'd never run with the stroller and it wasn't too bad after getting used to it. Definitely need to get a leash for it.

I ran half of a 6 mile loop. Most of it was downhill so it was really easy. I ran 2.8 miles of it with no knee problems at all. I got to the loop around part and started to feel fatigued. Real fatigue and not dying lungs, aching knees or other "I'm out of shape" ills. Well the fact that 2.8 miles mostly downhill fatigues me is still an indication that I'm "working on it". But whatever.

Anyways, super happy with today. Smiled the whole way and walked the way back, uphill. I like having set routes that I can work on. Little bit longer next time. Go to the next block, next driveway, ect.

Ran 2.8 miles, walked another 3.2
400 back/sit ups
100 push ups- starting to look slightly more like the real deal!
100 monster walk/exercise band knee/hip things.

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