Thursday, March 10, 2011

Get Up!

Trying to get up in the morning. It's not easy. The whole working nights on the weekend make it even harder. Anyways the goal is to get up with the hubby and bike for an hour or so and do core before the kids wake up. Oh and to do the whole away before 10 am thing.

Today I managed to get up by 8:30. It's an improvement and I didn't bike. The kids were up and needed adult company.

Going lower carb again. Apparently when you binge on pizza and eat 2-3000 calories of trail mix a day you gain weight. Who knew? So low carbing (lower), ie no pizza or trail mix, and happily I have kicked it back off.

But it makes for a little lower energy with the run. Ah well.

Ran 3 miles, walked another 2 miles. 1 hour 15 min total.
Bike 40 min
Core with weights and push ups. Yeah!

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