Monday, March 7, 2011

Good Knee

Tried out the knee again. It still feels weird but did just fine running! I'm still avoiding lower leg weights to try and baby them a little.

After weights I burned out in the pool. It wasn't as hard today but man am I wiped out. Yeah swimming!

Oh and in between weight sets I practiced side surfing, just standing still obviously. I think I must have looked a little weird, but who cares.

Ran 3 miles, 30 min
Weights, mostly upper body except for calves and add/abductors
Swam/water jog 30 min


  1. Swimming is a major workout! Every time I do that, I am hungry all day! Way to go! It's great that you found something else really hard to do while giving your knee a break!

  2. I've decided running is like a cool but snobby friend. You love them and would totally hang 24-7 but it doesn't always want to hang with you. Having other equally, well almost equally, cool friends like swimming and biking to spend time with helps me feel better when I'm being snubbed.