Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My stomach is rebelling.

Did my run today, made it through 2 miles and was just fine, knees ok, no wishing it was over, but I still ended up having to walk for half a mile cause I was having stomach cramping. And while we all say "stomach cramps" we all know that's code for "I'm going to lose my shit" literally on the treadmill. Or vomit, or both.

Things settled and I eeked out another mile. It's annoying when my whole body is doing really good, but the GI is causing problems. Lame

Anyways I got through another 30 min on the bike at a pretty low tension. Pushing too hard just really brought on the cramps again. Anyways. I decided against the core work, there was no way that would be a good idea.

Ran 3 miles, 3.5 miles total
Biked 8.5 miles, 30 min total.


  1. It's maddening when our bodies don't want to cooperate! Hopefully today's a better day.

  2. Grr! A little better today, but my knee is not! Come on body parts! Get it together!