Thursday, March 3, 2011


I'm moderating. And I'm not happy about it. My knee is rebelling and it's not quite injured yet, but if I keep pushing it most assuredly will be.

I know I'm going too fast. Trying to add on too much mileage at one time. I need to slow down and run less days each week to give my knees a break and a change to rest. This is really hard.

Since I've become active over the last year I've had a tendency to work out daily and not take rest days. To be super uptight about diet. And push through everything. My biggest fear is to lose my stride and fall back onto the couch and bad eating.

Moderation is a hard line to walk.

So today I may take a day off. I'm a little sore from weights, which is great because I've been getting stronger. I need to spend today stretching, doing some core and eating well.

I'm reworking my schedule for now. Only 3 days a week running. Saturday will be the long run, hoping for 6 miles again! Monday will be a moderate run, 45 min max. And one other run during the week, maybe Thursday for an easy 3 miles. I'll spend the other days lifting weights, biking, doing the elliptical and finally get into the pool!

It'll be ok and it will probably be a lot better. And maybe I'll do a little time on the bike anyways.


  1. I think you've got a good plan going. I'm really injury prone too and it's hard to take it easy when your mind want to go go go!

  2. It is soo hard! But I try to look as it as a lifetime commitment. If I don't run this week, there is always next week. Thanks for reading my blog and being so encouraging!