Friday, March 4, 2011

Swimming is really really hard

I am a coffee addict. Like full on, drink 10-12 cups a day, switch to decaf around 3pm and drink another 10. It could be an issue. I know this has nothing to do with swimming.

But I am sitting here on the couch, so freakin exhausted from swimming that I haven't been able to must the energy to go get a cup of the miracle drink I brewed an hour ago in the kitchen. Sad state of affairs.

Though good to say that even with my knees on the fritz (right knee is better, just a smidge painful in a squat, and the left is not so tight but still screwy) I can still get a really good workout.

Only 45 minutes of alternating kickboard, water running, and lap swim. That was as far as I could go. And now everything hurts. My shoulders, back, hips, legs, butt. Geeze louise.

45 min swim
20 upper body weights
too sore for anything else. holy smokes.

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