Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 10 roller rink!

Well we went to our first roller rink.

There were small children to dodge. My own children to chase. Oh and skating.

I haven't skated on a smooth surface yet other than my hallway. The rink is a lot smoother.

David took Koz around for a while and I watched Meza in the video game area. Once Koz was ready for a break David took over watching both and I headed out for the floor.

I strapped on my skates and knee pads, I'm seriously not taking chances. And a little nervous and wobbly, I headed out to the floor.

It had a progression. I was not comfortable and was once again regressed. But the improvement happened faster this time. It's like I relearn to skate each time I try but the learning curve speeds up to only a few laps before I hit a new skill level.

I started focusing on slaloming. This I think is going to be the key to my smooth transition in the basic skating movement.

I also did more cut turns where you lean on one leg with the other out at the side to turn.

It's all starting to work better. I actually skated until my muscles were tired. How cool is that?

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