Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 4 Skating outside some more

So today is Sunday and I am more than a bit sore. I have quad muscles I haven't felt since my days of working out in a gym.

But whatever. I did a bunch of laps around the house. I plan on strapping on my skates and messing around at least once every 2 hours in the house.

Then we planned to go to the park and do some skating. Well I would skate, David and the kids would watch.

Did I mention that I have been sick this whole time? Sadly being healthy will not likely make skating easier, but it makes me sound more dedicated.

So down we went to the tennis court. Left just like I remembered it. The cement is in good condition but there are lots of large cracks filled with grass.

I have decided this is a good thing because it will require me to get good at dodging and stepping over rough ground.

My friend wants to go skate Greenlake, which at this time is a bit terrifying. But I think in another week or two I will be ready.

So I skated, I fell a few times stepping over the cracks and tripping on rocks.

But I skated until I was actually physically tired. Not exhausted, mind you the terror is still exhausting enough. And this only took about 20 minutes.

But that was at least 10 laps. And probably closer to 13 laps. Way more than I expected to do.

Definitely have a new goal of adding 10 laps to whatever I've done the day before. I love beginning learning curves. I can actually feel the difference between the start and finish of each session.

Tomorrow should be pretty cool. And tonight's hot tub. One of the best parts of doing any kind of exercise. Relaxing in a hot tub afterward.

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