Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 8 first injury

Well it's not a big deal. Just a little pulled quad muscle. But it is kind of annoying.

I usually do a little skating in the house before I go outside so I effectively warm up. Today I decided to go straight to the court and skate. Bad idea. Well it would have been ok if I had warmed up.

I didn't and when I started to stand up I felt a little pop and stinging feeling in my right quad. It's not terrible. I stopped and stretched for a minute and was able to skate.

But I was a little stiff and tentative on my leg. I tried stepping over a crack and it definitely hurt. So I practiced figure eights for a few minutes. As I warmed up my leg felt a little better.

But I don't want an annoying injury four days before my first practice so I called it quits pretty quickly.

I came home, looked up quad injuries and am now rest my leg and icing it. I plan on stretching today and doing some warm ups. Then I'm going to practice indoor skills like balancing on one foot, turns and other low key stuff.

On a brighter note my son's skates came in the mail today. And my husband ordered skates. One reason I am so excited about skating is that we're going to do it as a family.

David of course can skate, he's mister coordinated. But he hasn't done it in ages. And K is super excited. He's convinced he already knows how to skate. He's been watching a lot of Transformers lately and one of their new characters rolls on wheels like skates.

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