Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 5 outdoor training

We made it to the park and to my beloved tennis courts.

Strangely it wasn't easier, and somehow it was a little harder. It hurt more today.

But when it seems like I want to give up that's when I focus on training exercises.

So I did figure eights. Practiced doing the step step motion that propels you forward. I currently do a one step onto my left leg. But after telling myself that I won't really progress that way I kicked it up to a four step motion.

I am really still very uncoordinated. I don't feel anymore balanced. And it isn't any easier. But I am doing more. Circling away from the fence. Stepping over cracks and rocks. And falling less.

So while my general skills may not have improved, I am now equally unskilled at more types of movement. If you can't move forward, try moving laterally.

The plan, if the weather holds, is to spend the next 4 days practicing my basics at the court. Then on Saturday we'll go to the frisby golf park and skate on the path. For some reasons paths seem harder because there are no walls. Even though I haven't been actually touching the fence.

Then on Sunday, we go to the roller rink. We'll take the skating lesson and hopefully make it to the open skate!

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