Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 8 indoor practice with Koz

After a bit of icing, resting and stretching the leg is sore but doing fine.

It may sound weenie-ish to make a big deal out of a little pulled muscle, but I'm an old lady. I may only be 35 but in terms of my out of shape body I may as well be 85.

I have had two babies in the past 3.5 years and little physical activity in between.

I think one reason I'm doing this blog is just so I can reassure other ladies that being a sedentary, uncoordinated super chunk is just a momentary hindrance in the pursuit of the derby world.

In a month or two, when the muscles remember what it is like to move, I'll probably be back to a 30 year old. But until then I will be a baby and take it slow. Again the beauty of ref/nso training. Not so intensive, not so difficult.

So Koz got his skates. It is awesome!

He loves them and instantly wanted to strap them on. Of course he rolled around on the carpet and then hung onto me or dad while in the hall.

He's not even 4 so he's got a little longer learning curve than me, but that's even cooler. By the time he's 5 he's going to rock. By then Meza should be able to use his skates and start the process.

The coolest thing about having kids is indoctrinating them into your hobbies. They are generally pretty agreeable. I totally have my sights on Meza doing roller derby. Oh yeah.

But back to training.

More one legged balancing. Maybe the slightest improved.
More turns. No real improvement.
Backwards skating. Maybe a little regressed.

But whatever. Half of the importance of practice at this point is just reassuring myself that I won't die and that I really can keep trying.

I keep thinking about this weekend. Rollerskating indoors, on a smooth floor. With other people. Well, I've still got three days.

Oh and I've been taking the online test for the WFTDA rules. When I take the whole test I've been scoring in the low eighties and slowly improving.

Now I'm doing each section one or two at a time. I have the first two sections at 99-100%

Of course those are the easy sections, and they are only on paper. But, every little bit counts.

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