Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 2 Skates in the mail

So I bought skates.

I bought them online. Which is a mistake I realize now.

They were supposed to come two weeks earlier. Two weeks that could have given me the experience that would have allowed me to say "Yes I skate, not well but I can skate." at the orientation.

Instead I had to fess up that I didn't skate but was planning to. Which effectively relegates you to the "maybe, but not likely" status.

Ah but they don't know me. They don't know that I have blind determination. They don't know that I set unreasonable goals and have tenacity that borders idiocy.

I've learned a few things on my own, guitar, swing and latin dancing, poi, sewing, hacky sac, and while I am not particularly skilled, mediocre really seems to do me just fine.

They took two annoying extra weeks because of the excess snow back east. But whatever.

Anyways they showed up on Friday. David was back from out of town. My niece was staying with us. And there they were. At the front door.

So I was pretty excited, I ripped open the box. Everyone was super excited. David was a little skeptical, but that's just him being married to me.

They are beautifully boring and ugly, black shoes strapped to beautiful metal trucks and blue wheels. Perfect!

So I wasn't getting out of the house yet tonight. There was still the "I don't know how to skate and minor terror" issue. But regardless I strapped them on and made a quick mini track in the hallway, living room, dining room, front hall.
It's got handicaps of rugs and varying surfaces. Children often bar my way. But it's there.

Once strapped on and assuming the standing position the minor feeling of terror took hold. I really am uncoordinated on these things. But I know it's not rocket science, I'm great on a bike, and can dance fairly well. Those things taken into account are the main things keeping me going.

I did like 3 laps around the house. They really hurt my feet. I'm working very hard at remembering to balance over my ankles, relaxed and knees bent. And I have the walls to catch me, and the table, the front door, various paintings, the windows and mirrors I'm trying to stay away from.

This may be awkward, frightening and slow, and maybe painful, but I will prevail.

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