Wednesday, May 18, 2011

By the numbers

I want to lay out the old weights routine, so here you go!

Machine weights, 3 reps of 10 each

Butterfly press 100lbs
Reverse butterfly 40lbs
Upright bench press 100lbs
Lat press 100lbs
bicep curl 60lbs
shoulder pull down 80lbs
forearm press down 40lbs
shoulder press (up) 70lbs
back row 110lbs
calf press 70lbs

I take about 30 minutes to do all those guys. I've been reading a lot about body building and those guys say to do the hardest weight you can for the minimal reps. If you can do 15 reps, then you need to up the weights.

Then I go to core land. I can't tell you how incredible my back and core feel from these workouts. I used to do regular sit ups and back ups but i had to do hundreds to get them worked. So now I use weights and do waaaay less.

I get two 10lb dumbbells and one 20 pound dumbbell on a mat.

Weighted sit ups: Laying on my back I hold the 20 lb weight resting on the floor behind my head, knees bent. Then I do 20-30 of lifting the dumbbell up above me and pushing up to the ceiling while raising my torso up into a full sit up. These are hard and I can only do like 30.

Twisty side sit up: 20-30 each: First I do crossover sit ups with a 10lb weight in each hand, reaching for your opposite knee.
Then weighted twists. I do two kinds. The first I hold the 20 pound weight and move it from side to side while doing a sit up. So like three movements from side to side to make a full sit up.
Then a full twist, where I sit up with knees bent and touch the 20 pound weight to the ground on either side.

Lower ab weighted: 10 sec or more each. these are hard. Lay down with a ten pound weight in between your feet and the 20 lb on the ground above your head. Hold onto the 20 with your hands and lift the 10lb weight with your feet and count to 10 or longer. I do one set, then shift up the weight to my shins, then knees, then thighs. Totally hard to hold the weight and lift your legs.

Roll over! 30 sec at least! Do the same thing but on your stomach. Hold the 10lb weight between your feet and lift as high as you can while holding the other 10lb in your hands off the ground. You want as much of your body off the ground as possible and hold for 30 or so sec. I alternate this with no weight on my feet, feet spread wide and lifted up, holding the 20 pound weight on my shoulders off the ground. This really uses your hips. Hold for 30 or more. Repeat as many as I can!

Weighted knee dips and lunges. 10 reps, 2-3 sets. Holding the 10 lb in each hand at your sides do 10 lunges forward using the rear leg as the majority of the power as you lower curl the weights and engage your core. both sides. Knee dips: These are really useful in derby, when you start to fall being able to touch your knee and step right back up really helps. Hold the weights at your sides and dip down on one leg. You other leg should only be touching for balance and using the forward leg for all the power, curl the weights as you lower. I have to take breaks in between each set, these are hard.

Weighted squats: Feet wide and toes and knees in alignment, squat down with 10 lb weights in each hand. Hold for 30 or more sec. I do burn outs on these, starting with a 1-2 minute hold, then going for as long as I can until I collapse!

Finally I end the shebang with burn out crunches. With all the weighted stuff I do I don't even bother counting crunches. I just do continuous crunches for 5 minutes or 2 full songs on the ipod. I can barely even feel them!

1hr 20 min weights
20 minute walk on noodle legs.

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