Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Slow start

Well the weekend was pretty sleepy. I worked both Sat and Sun night. The shifts were fine, but I'm very tired lately.

I didn't get a single workout in over the weekend. And Monday was spent hanging out with friends eating bbq, drinking and watching movies. Generally a very nice way to spend Memorial Day.

Today I had planned for a long run. And once again I'm feeling very tired. I have just a touch of sick lingering, throat, achy, ect. Makes it easy to not workout.

I geared up for a run and the rain, which has been alternating with sunny and warm about ever hour, decided to come down hard for a while.

I tried out the treadmill for half a mile and just wasn't feeling it. I decided on an episode of Glee while biking. It was like the hardest 9 mile trainer ride ever! My legs are like lead and I sweat more than I usually do when running!

The drinking all day yesterday probably is not helping, and I had the once every three months "lady visitor" which really dragged too. Now my legs are soo freakin stiff and I feel like I'm pumped with fluids and turning into a sausage. Yay.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

Eeeked out 9.58 miles on the trainer.

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