Saturday, May 14, 2011


Today was speedwork day. And I'm pretty low expectations with all things running so that included the speed stuff too.

.25 mile at 7 mph recovery at 6mph for .75
3 repeats
warm up at 5.8 1 mile, 6.0 1 mile
cool down at 6.0 1 miles and 5.0 1 mile

I usually walk the last mile but I thought I'd try just a slow jog. It was great! I could run at 5 mph for ages! I'd like to up it 5.8 or 6.0 and I think that'll happen soon.

Big goal for my up coming half marathon is to get sub 10min/mile. Anything sub 10, like 9.59 would be just great! Just single digits!

And I'm starting to think I may just get it!

Ran 7 miles
1hr 11 min


  1. Thanks for the follow. :) I've never done speedwork but it's on the list...I'm a total newbie.

  2. speedwork is great! It makes the normal pace (which still kind of sucks) seem soo much easier!

  3. I think you'll get it for sure! It's coming up quick isn't it! You're so consistent and that's what really matters! Great job!