Thursday, May 26, 2011


Ok lots of new sore today! So yesterday was a new day in the world of weight lifting. I'm trying to replace the machines with more full body exercises and I believe it has worked!

I started with this little number:

Burpee-esque move with 15 pound weights.
Start with 15 pound weight in each hand, on the ground in a pushup position. Do a full push up. Bring your feet to your hands in a squat position. Lift the weights to your hips and straighten up. Make sure you are using your butt and legs and not your back. Take one step to the side so that your feet are shoulder width apart and finish with raising the weights to your shoulders then press straight up over your head, kind of like a clean and press type move. Engage your core like mad!
Repeat 20 times. 3 reps. I find I start to die towards the end of these and finish with like 5 instead of 20.

Push up rows plank thing. Get back in the push up position with the 15 pound weights. Engage your core and lift one weight to your chest. Return to the ground and repeat with the other side. When you get fancy you can raise the lifted weight straight up and rotate to your side so you are in a side plank. Or raise the lifted weight out in front of you. This is very hard too!
Repeat 20, 3 reps

Kettlebell swings with no kettlebell. Stand with feet shoulder width apart and swing a 25 pound between your legs and up over your head. If you do it slow if uses different muscles than if you straight up swing.
Repeat 20, 3 reps

Anyways today my upper back and chest are sore as all get out and I can't really sit or squat down. Good sign I think!

Today's run was painful and difficult.

Ran 6 miles, 2 warm ups, 2 speed sets of .25 @7mph and .75 @ 6mph recovery, and 2 cool down miles. Oh how they were hard and painful!

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