Thursday, March 25, 2010

Week 5 off skates day

Thursday and Friday are the two days that I plan to not skate. Or at least the two days I don't have skating plans. This could change if someone was going out and wanted company.

Anyways. Last week when I took Thursday and Friday off I was incredibly relieved. I was tired, sore, sick and emotionally exhausted. Sometime between last Thursday and today I turned a corner. I officially have lost the fear and gained more love.

But now, taking Thursday and Friday off doesn't sound so appealing.

I used to be in great shape. I worked out, I ate well, ect. But this crazy phenomena happened called babies. Now some women have their children and don't miss a beat. Not me. Not that kind of girl. It took me three and half years to recover from having children and it has taken it's toll.

Now I'm 50 pounds heavier, nothing fits me but yoga pants and mumus. I've spent a good deal of my energy thinking about coffee and sleep. And in general fallen apart.

But now enter Roller Derby. I love when an activity encompasses so many things you want to do. Exercise, socialize, create, learn. It's all good stuff.

Now I'm over 30 days into roller skating and I'm not so horribly out of shape. I have a remarkably long way to go until my legs will be anywhere near where they need to be. But I don't die in the first 20 minutes.

Some things that I have concerns about is the balance of activity. I want to make sure to do non-skating activities that will augment roller skating. One easy way is to join a gym.

We used to be part of the Y. It's a really nice facility with child care, so ideal for us. Last fall we had to quit due to being super broke. But things are starting to even out. Bless those tax returns that pay off credit accounts. So now we're not completely broke.

Anyways, today I went to the gym. Called them up, reinstated my account, and got in a work out. I did the elliptical in reverse for 30 minutes. Biking for another 15. Then came home to do a little weights and abs.

Yeah me!

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  1. That's great Aubry!! I've been thinking of heading to the gym some too. Bikram is a great lower body workout, but I could use some work on my upper body and core strength.