Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Week 6 Turning the corner

While I've been learning to skate, all the supportive and encouraging skaters on my league have told me how they turned a corner. That one day it all just clicked and everything started to flow or make sense.

And I may have light-years to go until I am really a competent skater, but I have turned the corner. I skate comfortably and fairly fluidly. I'm starting to do 180 turns, slowly, but I do them. And then today we started trying transitions.

I haven't tried to do a transition since the first week when Brian was teaching us. I did very poorly and it got to a point where T-Rex actually came over and asked me if maybe I should try something else. Yes it looked that bad. There was a lot of flailing falls.

Anyways, this weekend Bricks taught Megs and I how to do turns. Which we both failed and whined about. But it gave us the beginning skills to practice. I watched a bunch of Derby Dolls instructional videos on Youtube where they broke down skills into steps.

I spent a good bit of time practicing in the hallway working my way from hands on to hands off and then was able to turn. At the next practice I showed Megs and she started to do it too. This got us started turning. Just practicing rotating our bodies seemed to open the door to the transitions.

Then at today's practice, after Rpod effectively murdered our weenie quad muscles by practicing knee slides. My favorite at this point. We took a little break and continued to practice 180 turns. We had loosened our trucks a bit and found the turning was much easier.

Then I said lets try transitions. We both did and we both did it. How freakin cool is that?

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