Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day 23 Double practice day

On the weekends we often have practice at Lynnwood and in Ballard at the Rat's Nest. I've never been able to do both with how out of shape I am. But not today.

Thursday's skate almost did me in, I was near tears and depressed. I just thought I was never going to get it. But then it turned around and I was skating. I officially had that click moment when it all started to make sense. I can skate.

It really helps that I am not in major pain anymore too. The whole muscle exhaustion does not help my balance. But there was not a lot to do other than plow through it until my body recovered. Well I've recovered and today showed it.

I went to the first practice with my friend Megan who is now a new ref. This helps immensely. I have a friend who lives nearby, who is reffing derby with me and is in a similar skill set as me. It's ok to suck, but it's nice not to do it alone.

So Megan and Zoe, our other new ref, worked on skills. They were really nice and let me jabber away at them about the stuff I've learned. I learn things so much better when I can regurgitate them to others. Yes I like to talk and slightly sounding like I know what I'm talking about is a good confidence builder.

So we skated the infield. It's a lot easier to skate that tight circle when I am distracted. Gary is really good about keeping us included so he had us follow him and calling penalties. I'm still at a point where I feel like I'm in the way, but he likes to throw us in and give us the opportunity to practice. The more time we spend in the infield trying to see calls the better we get at skating in tight spaces and watching the game.

I actually called one penalty correctly. Which is a proud mark for me. Everything is so new that I'm still kind of going through the motions. In another month we'll probably be really good, but it takes a lot of practice until then.

The second practice was spent with me being pretty lame. I was just happy I had made it. The floor at the rat's nest is pretty crazy to skate on but I still did ok.

You know it's really nice not being in the "I can't skate" stage anymore.

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