Sunday, March 21, 2010

Week 5 Thunder jam

Today's rollerskating went a variety of directions.

Mainly it was a date night for David and I. The kids were spending the night at Grandma and Grandpa's house. We will go skating outside, out to lunch, take a nap and then go to Thunderjam, a fundraiser for our league.

Well things didn't work out that way.
We dropped off the kids and headed out to skate. First we drove by the frisby golf park, which has a nice flat trail. But it was crowded and I'm feeling nervous.

So then we go to a school down the road. It has a big play area and basketball courts. the ground was kind of rough and I was feeling really intimidated. I need to skate outside more and get used to it. The cushy smooth floor of the roller rinks is so easy to get used to that I'm getting spoiled.

Anyways after a few minutes we decided to go to the tennis courts. The concrete is super smooth and fence gives me a lot of mental comfort.

It's times like these that I feel awful at my progress. But I'm really doing ok. I've been skating for one month now and I can do it. Not well, but I can skate. Now I have months to improve my skating. I feel so behind because everyone else is so good at skating, but I need to just chill and take a little time.

Anyways, we skated at the tennis courts for only a few minutes. There was a wooden pallet on the ground in the center and as I get comfortable doing figure eights David is trying to jump the pallet. Yeah jump it.

He skated a little bit as a kid and hasn't been on skates in 30 years. He got skates 3 days ago and has skated the cul de sac outside our house a couple times. David is one of those people with amazing natural skill. He put his skates on and just did it. No fear, no hesitation.

Anyways he starts jumping this pallet. The first few times he landed on his feet. Then the subsequent times he stumbled a little. Falling on his backside, on to his knees. Then he falls hard and tumbles onto his shoulder. And no big surprise his clavicle is now an extra inch higher in it's protrusion from his shoulder. Oh and he is in a lot of pain.

We went home. Doped and iced him up and set him on the couch. I went to the pharmacy and got him a sling and some junk food and we spent the rest of the afternoon watching tv. It was lame. I really was looking forward to showing off my handsome husband to my league friends. But it was not to be.

I took a nap and later went to the skating party. It was fun. The music was good and totally random. I started out with my usual rough skating that slowly improved. I actually did pretty good. Except for one little thing. My lungs really hurt. Like I've been chain smoking clove cigarettes.

We have all been sick. It's been lingered on and on, but I've been doing ok. Then the past two days I've been getting sick again. I know going out late is not necessarily a good idea, but there is no way I'm missing this.

Anyways I went and skated and coughed. I came home around 1 am and snuggled up with the drugged up honey.

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