Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 16 Practice #3

Today's practice was a big emotional accomplishment. Everyday I wake up and think maybe this is not a good idea. Maybe I just can't ref derby. I feel like this because my progress is very slow and being able to skate competently seems an insurmountable task.

But if you feel like I do, take heart and know that progress is just around the corner. Because at the end of practice I felt awesome and I can't wait to skate again.

Today was by far my best skating day. Everyday that I skate the progress feels as follows.
1.I start out on skates, freaked out and uncomfortable as hell.
2.I do a few laps feeling like it's day one again.
3.I start to warm up, the awkwardness starts to abate and I start to skate.
4.I make a small progress in either confidence or skill or both. (super duper small)
5.I get tired and start to regress. Feeling less confident and wobbling until I stop.

Today I skipped step 1. The total fear was not there. I still felt a big regression until I warmed up, but it took less time. Which is good, because that saves warm up energy for longer improvement energy.

And as it follows my improvement was a lot more significant. I can't say enough for squatting down. The lower I go, the more comfortable (in terms of balance) I feel. But it really hurts my quads.

I worked with Sally Von Trample today, which was awesome. I'm really liking how everyone is so incredibly nice, forgiving and encouraging. I'm a nervous talker, and I'm rather chatty as it is. So put together with my nerves and all the new people and I am one annoying chatty mother f-er.

I'm working on that. I'm looking forward to the day where I can be given instruction and I can silently work on it, instead of talking the f out of it. Maybe next time.

So Sally had me work more on balancing more. I have to glide on one foot until I fall down. This has me practicing falling small (a controlled knee fall) when I can't stay up on one leg. I love falling on my knees.

We also worked on proper back leg push, which I was doing in the wrong direction. That helped a lot.

All in all, I am not competent in either skill. But, I am starting to do them. And in the distraction of working on new skills I am no longer worrying about the crazy rolling wheels under my feet. Well most of the time.

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