Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 18 Practice

Today was worth the regression of past days.

Part of the problem of taking on a new sport at this time in my life is I am out of shape. So the skills that I am learning are becoming physically impossible simply because my muscles are too tired to perform them.

This holds me back, but happily is only a brief problem. I've taken on exercise regimens in the past and usually within four weeks I hit my stride.

Once my legs can physically keep up with the activity I will be able to spend more time on the floor and further develop my skills.

Right now I'm kind of limping along, but it's getting better.

Today I practiced more striding and balancing on one leg at a time. It's a challenge to put my whole weight on one leg as the muscles are too fatigued to hold my entire weight.

I can't say there was significant improvement on my balance, but my stability as a whole has improved. I'm thinking less about the skates under my feet and a lot more about the pain in my feet and thighs. At least it's distracting.

And the coolest thing I learned new today is the T stop. I actually did ok with these. The hard part again is putting weight on one leg so as to position your braking leg, but I did it and it felt pretty good.

Tomorrow may be harder as I skated longer today, but everyday gets a little better.

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