Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Week 5 Open skate

Went to open skate. The ladies all went to Greenlake, which I really would have liked to do, but strangely my husband actually likes to see me from time to time. So I stayed home and went to the evening skate.

I'm finding that the best way for me to warm up, physically and mentally is just to practice my basic push and glide skill. Balancing on one foot reminds me that standing on two feet is really very easy. After a few laps it started to come back again.

I spend most of my time with my knees bent as low as I can deal. This is good and bad. Obviously it's good because it really increases my strength, balance, speed and maneuverability. But the drawback is I get really tired, really quick. In another month, hopefully this will not be so much of an issue.

I do feel more stable. I do feel like my form is better. And I am beginning to enjoy the feeling of freedom skating gives me.

Another cool thing about skating and derby is I'm meeting people. I've been going to the adult skate fairly often and I'm starting to chat with people I run into there.

I'm constantly pimping out Tilted Thunder. Oh you like skating? Have you ever thought of doing derby? Not sure if you want to be a player? Maybe try reffing? Well you should definitely come to the next fundraiser, maybe check out some local bouts...

Derby gives me something to talk about. I've watched it for years. Now that I'm studying the rules I feel some confidence in understanding the game. And with going to practice and meeting the girls, I've learned that you don't have to start out an experienced skater to become bad ass.

So I've met a few ladies at open skate and talked to them about derby. Girls, who I think want to do it, but just needed someone to give them that last little push. Probably they would have eventually joined up on their own, but with a little encouragement that decision may come sooner.

I needed a push. Actually I need a lot of pushing. Every day. But I am so glad every time I skate, every time I go to practice. I need derby in my life. Something to love, to work for, to spend my time on, and get my butt moving.

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