Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 15 one rest one rink

Technically yesterday would have been day 15, but it was Friday and date night for me and the hubby so I didn't skate.

I should have skated indoors, but I lamed. In better news though, my 1.75 year old daughter got her Dora the Explorer skates and was ecstatic about them.

Today is Rat City's second bout of the season and I was looking forward to watching the bout with derby friends.

I sent the kids off with Grandma and headed south to Fastgirl Skates to get indoor wheels and proper fitting pads. Then I headed back home to meet up with an old co-worker friend to hit the open skate before heading to Key Arena.

This is really cool because she lives nearby, is still in the beginner skating level (sort of) and wants to join up.

By having another friend to skate with, my chances of getting lots of practice in and actually becoming a competent skater are increased greatly.

So we went to skate with my new indoor skates and see how far I had regressed. Megan, of course, started skating and it "all came back to her". Biznatch. She's supposed to be a beginning skater like me. But whatever.

The indoor skates were remarkably more comfortable and easier to skate with. The only difference I had to adjust to is the wheels are farther back on the toe. I'm assuming this will give me better toe stop control, but it's a little weird to get used to.

I had the progression as usual. At first I felt like I had never skated, then it started to feel ok, then I made a small improvement. We didn't skate long enough to get to the tired regression phase.

We only skated for about 45 minutes. Which is lame, but it was nice to do an easy day. One of the best parts of skating with Bricks is that she pushes just a little bit. If she had been there I would have skated for another hour. But sometimes I just want to weenie. I won't learn or improve as quick, but some days you just need to weenie and call it good.

Megan and I are going to skate a few times this week, so hopefully by next weekend we will increase our open skate time to 1.5 hours or two.

I my gliding stride was better. And that was kind of the extent of the practice. Tommorrow we have practice, then dinner at the in laws. They have a great flat street in front of their house so maybe a little skating with the kids?

One of the best parts of skating. Doing it with everyone else.

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