Monday, March 29, 2010

Week 6 Practice

Sunday morning practice was good. I'm good on skates now. I feel good on skates now. I can't wait to be on skates.

Once the skating skill starts, then enter the obsession. This is a really cool phase. I have an athletic sport that I love and want to do constantly. This is a really good thing.

We were without our head ref today and left to our own devices. There are certain skills I really want to work on. Turning around. Bricks showed me how to do a couple of "get you there" exercises. So I know what to work on. I haven't really made any progress yet. But it will come. I definitely need to loosen my trucks more.

We practiced more hand signals while skating. It was good. I was still really tired from Greenlake. But even that is good.

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