Sunday, April 4, 2010

Week 7 Derby Night

This has been a slow week for me. Wed and Thurs night I stayed home from open skate to rest my knees. After a little conferring with my league mates they suggested stretching and exercises. So after 30 minutes my knees felt fine. Go figure.

Anyways, I wanted to skate Fri and Sat. But Fri is teen night and I was unnerved. Then Sat I helped set up for the Jet City bout, then hung out with Bricks for a while. No skating. We watched the bout, then to the Rockers and Rollers show and that was that.

So that's a total of four days of no skating except in the hallway.

Anyway, today was a scrimmage and derby night at Lynnwood. Freakin finally. I was starting to get depressed about my lack of time on skates. Scrimmages are my NSO training time, so no skating there.

But then there was finally derby night. How have I never been to this? There were a ton of preteen and teenage derby girls there. They are so good and so freakin cute! How I wish I had derby when I was a kid. I know my child will!

So skills for tonight were:
Crossovers- getting closer and feels very weird.
One leg balance- significant improvement.
180 turns-getting farther from the wall, always a good thing.
Transitions- very slow, but off the wall and of course only one direction. That's ok.

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