Sunday, April 11, 2010

Week 8 crossovers

Crossovers crossovers crossovers. Transitions transitions transitions.

This is kind of the pattern of my life right. Today was a surprising improvement.

When our fearless leader Rpod is not able to come to practice. "What? He has a life outside of practice? Hogwash!" We usually default to the next best skater, or loudest.

Today the best ref skater was Brian. Brian has led us a few times and of course is a fairly competent skater, which means he is still surprised when I can't do simple basics. Welcome to my world Brian! Though I'm never actually surprised by it.

Anyways we worked on transitions, which I should spend an endless time on. And the elusive crossover.

All the encouragement in the world is still no match for practice so there wasn't much to do other than keep doing transitions over and over.

But today there was a little surprise in Brian's methods that may have pushed me into the strange and exciting world of crossovers.

We worked on the crappy concrete floor with all it's divits and "character" spots. We only had a small space, but he had us do about a 10 foot circle in constant crossovers.

It started slow, but it totally worked! I got faster and while it may not have been the beautiful and amazing crossover that I'm working towards, it was a bonified legitimate crossover.

Sweet. The man's a genius!


  1. So I have been skating, which is a loose term especially in the beginning, for 7 weeks. That is pretty cool.

  2. By the way, the loudest skater, when we don't have a good skater, is me! I boss around the other refs and they let me. My refs are really really nice to me!