Saturday, April 24, 2010

Week 10 time to start pushing

Today's practice was a mix of good and the inevitable. We have a different coach on Saturday who is a former derby girl. I don't remember her name, but she very clearly see's through my bull.

You see today I did what I usually do. I skated, I tried new stuff, whatever. But a month ago just the usual would have left me sore, tired and feeling like a noodle.

But that's not enough anymore and it appears to be obvious. I'm not tired. I'm not sore, and there are no noodles anywhere. It wasn't for lack of coaching. The coach had us do annoyingly difficult drills. Then when the group was doing whips and hitting drills we refs went to do our usual skills, like transitions, ect.

Well apparently when she took on the role of coach she had intended to coach everyone, even if we were shirking in the corner. She had drills for us to do, in ways that were hard, practical and of course a really good idea.

You see it was enough before to just show up and get through. We've gained enough skill that we need to push, a lot more, and it seems it is obvious to the coach. One of the tell tale signs was there was no falling. Not even fumbling. So she gave us the next step and let us know next time, it's time to do more.

I like this.

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