Monday, April 5, 2010

Week 7 The hard part

I skate ok. But here comes the hard part. Where I have to push myself. No more wall. No more super slow. No more worrying about falling. It's time to get going for reals.

Open skate tonight. That past week I had stayed home and missed a bunch of skating opportunities. This was a bad idea. My stamina is atrocious. I need every skate minute I can get. And every time I go I am so glad I did.

Crossovers feel better, though I don't look down so I'm not really sure there is any cross. I didn't practice a lot of skills like turns and transitions. Mostly I spent time weaving through traffic.

This is a really good skill that I need to get up on. Serious weave. I was watching Dig Dug trying to keep up with Zilla as she darted through the crowd. This is what I need to do. Go faster then slow then fast. Step to the side, cruise through. Start using these fabulous skills I am so diligently trying to learn.

Practice tomorrow. I hope Rpod kicks our collective ref ass!

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